Thursday, July 17, 2008

fish(er) of men / coffin?/rocket?

fish(er) of men / coffin?/rocket?
woodblock print 7"x15½"

the way out is in
the way in is out

The figure here is displayed in a position of death inside a vessel represented in coffin form. It has taken the form of a fish, as well the shape of a rocket and also a vaginal womb. The scale/arrows signify that of a cyclical notion.

This piece was inspired by the Biblical tales for Rites of Passage. Just as Jonah spent 3 days inside of the whale (proper translation, "great fish") and to reemerge/rebirth as a new individual, Jesus spent 3 days within the tomb to emerge in a new transcendent form.

This print represents the transcendental cycle of man through life and death and the notion of transforming into that of higher forms.

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