Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dogma of the new age

dogma of the new age
woodcut print 9"x16"

Humanity is on the verge of a very exciting transition through the grand poetry of the cosmos called time. As we currently begin our exit out of the Age of Pisces, we thrust forward into the new era of Aquarius. As the mindset and way of life of the past 2000 years begins to fade away in the ever-growing shift of living, we must come to accept that the days of the old are becoming less relevant.

The major example of viewing this change can be seen through the major religions and philosophies of culture. Pisces’ most notable figure would be Jesus Christ whom is the symbol of the fish. On the opposite wheel of the zodiac, we find the virgin Virgo. Christ and Mary have been the forefront runners since the “ironic” date given to his birth.

Before Christ (or BC) was the Age of Aries, the ram. This age was sparked off when Abraham was to sacrifice his son, but instead offered a ram (Gen. 22:13). Opposite of Aries we find Libra, the scales, or the Law. Think Moses and the Ten Commandments, or even better, Hammurabi, the King of Babylon and his Code of Laws.

One more step further we have the Age of Taurus, the bull. Worship of bull deities was evident in both Sumeria and Egypt. Opposite we have Scorpio, often associate with the serpent in ancient days. This era came to an end when Moses came down from the Mount, to find those making idols of this previous Age, the bull, and thus presented the Mosaic Law.

Aries turned over into Pisces when Jesus was designated as the final Passover lamb (John 1:29). Christ the fisherman (ICQUS, Greek for “fish”) speaks of a man presenting his followers with a pitcher of water (Luke 22:10; Mark 14:13). This is the constellation of Aquarius.

“…And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20). Some translations use the word “time” or “end of the world.” The correct term is aion, which means age.

Aquarius is a sign of intellect and pursuit of such. This can be relevant in the growing expansion of science and technology. It is an air sign, and can be seen in early glimpses of our expansion into space, and modern mythologies being created dealing with UFO’s.

This is very exciting knowing we are entering into an age of intellectual pursuit. However, Aquarius is less concerned with emotional sensual side and its opposite Leo, can be very dogmatic in nature. Apply this into the direction we are heading and we see Science becoming our new religion. The Aristotelian mindset which has ruled scientific understanding in its strictly rational guidelines, does not allow too much room for creative/imaginative theories and explorations.

We are in a moment of choice. Do we continue on our current path of putting our devotion into a coldhearted nihilistic faith of allowing technology and machines to lead us into the new Age, or do we become intellectual beings ourselves and focus our attention to the sky/stars?

Regardless of the decision we choose, the wheel will continue to turn, and our buildings of faith will crumble and be replaced by the new. Change is good, why not make it for the better?


Link said...

i think this assessment is true of much of science with the exceptions of math and physics. while the biology says there is only body, the hard sciences do not believe in matter at all. indeed the only reality they can safely ascribe to the world are correlations between waves that are probabilistic in nature. the correlations are more 'real' than the wave/particles. moreover, in the information sciences, the the astounding computational capacity of the universe is recognized, and we see some of the cutting edge scientist heading towards an almost teleological view akin to darwin and others. so we see science in a split. and most scientists. it seems. are unaware of this.

Urileye said...

Isn't belief built upon knowledge; a mutable thing?
To believe in gods, animals, aliens, in matter or lack of belief (logic) is to place a part of ourselves in an external vessel, one we have no control over?

I suppose one way of helping each other would be to face each other and perceive all as peers; not wait for an external force/proof to manifest purpose but to become/aid purpose to/for each other.